APIIT’s core activity is focused on IT education and training, and research and development (R&D). The comprehensive range of education and training courses are specialized, practical, and industry-relevant. The primary activities are focused on the following primary areas:

  • Development & delivery of academic programmes at Foundation, Diploma, Degree and Master levels.
  • Provision of specialist IT training in support of continuous professional development
  • Research and development leading to commercialized technology products
  • Development of international activities through the setting up of overseas centres Education at primary and secondary school levels

A ground breaking feature of APIIT’s academic courses is that each one of the courses is not ‘generic’ or ‘canned’ programmes. Instead, each of the portfolios of courses offered incorporates specializations, meeting industry needs for graduates with ‘industry-ready’ skills as well as helping individuals fulfill their career aspirations.

Emphasis in APIIT’s courses is on practical skills and how this can be transferred into the work environment with ease. All courses therefore have to be continuously upgraded to fulfill changing industry needs and requirements. New trends and technologies arising from industry feedback and market research are incorporated into these courses continuously.

The inclusion of technologies such as Windows NT, JAVA, SAP, Novell, from some of the world’s leading IT companies, more than adequately prepares graduates for local and global IT careers. Courses are frequently upgraded to reflect some of the latest technologies such as Mobile Computing and Embedded Systems.

The Institute achieved its objective of launching and running its entire portfolio of courses and programmes successfully within a remarkably short 6-year time-frame since its inception in 1993.