Training for Professionals by Professionals

A Commitment for Quality Training 

APIIT delivers its Corporate Training programs within a framework which is designed and certified to meet the ISO qulity standards.

APIIT’s training methodology places emphasis on developing practical skills and its programs are delivered by certified and experienced trainers using high-quality course materials, well structured exercises and real-world project scope.

APIIT provides highly conducive and comfortable learning environment equipped with the latest hardware and software technology to meet training needs. Efficient technical support abd backup resources provided by APIIT’s IT Services help to ensure that participants enjoy interruption-free training.

Programs Designed for the Industry

APIIT’s Comprehensive range of certification programmes and specialized IT Training programmes are designed to meet the needs of both the IT professionals and the Organizations.

For the IT Professional, APIIT’s training programs offer the oportunity to continuously upgrade their skills to keep current as a means to enhance career opportunities and job security.

On the other hand, organizations gain tremendously through APIIT Corporate Training Programmes as their employees develop skills to continuously exploit technology to respond to the demands of business and the competitive enironment.

Organizations that have benefitted ffrom the training programs provided by APIIT Invclude those from the Banking and Finanace, telecommiunications, Government, Insurance and aviation sectors as well as IT Solution Providers, Multinationals and SMI/SME’s.

Flexible Training Solutions

Flexible traiing options are available – these include public porgrammes, customized training and On-Site Training.

While APIIT offers an extensive range of standard, public programmes regularly scheduled on a fixed calendar, organizations might have specific need s which require some degree of customization. To addres these needs APIIT also offers the following options:

  • Customized Training Programs which are fine tuned by our trainers to achieve learning outcomes unique to the needs of an organization or a project.
  • On Site Training designed for organizations for whom greater benefit can be obtained by having their employees trained at their workplace.
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