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Disabled Access @ APU

In an effort to make the campus more accessible to all individuals, we at APU are devoted to providing accessible grounds and amenities on campus to support physically challenged individuals in a friendly and inclusive environment. Keeping this objective in mind, we engage with architects throughout all refurbishment and construction projects to ensure that we go above and beyond building regulations for disabled access.


Wheelchair Accessible Ramp - Main Entrance

From the very first point of the campus, a broad and spacious pathway is made available for individuals using a wheelchair or other mobility aid to access into the building. Levelled landings are also in place allowing people to rest at regular intervals. The floor surface is also designed to be slip-resistant, ensuring a firm grip on the surface and reducing the chances of accidents from occurring.

Wheelchair Accessible Ramp - Entrance @ Main Lift Lobby

One small platform at the entrance could lead to many inconveniences for a person with mobility impairment. To provide an accessible route for all, appropriate slope has been designed to provide easier movement and to remove physical barriers in the way.

Disabled Friendly Lifts

The most convenient way of access within a campus block is by lift, which is best suited for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility issues. All lifts are easily identifiable, with clear sign indicating their location from the block entrance.

Our Disable Friendly lifts are located on each major block on the campus, featuring Braille signage and lowered button panel at a wheelchair-compatible level.

Disabled Friendly Washrooms

Physically challenged individuals will have access to adequate, well-designed toilet cubicles situated on Block E of every floor. A person with physical disability will be able to use the amenities in the toilet with or without the assistance of others.

The door of the toilet cubicle is wide enough for a wheelchair to enter and has sufficient space to manoeuvre around. The handles are also in place to ensure users can be well supported while using the toilet. Most importantly, tissues and soap dispensers are refilled on a daily basis and the cubicles are thoroughly sanitised every day.