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APU Transportation Policy

APU is committed towards reducing the stresses and strains of everyday life and to help to reduce air pollution by promoting the reduction in independent travel and the increase in combined travel and the use of public transport.

The reduction of students travelling by car by promoting efficient in-house bus transport system to linkages (public trains and etc) or shorter travel distances to essential services.

Priority Green Vehicle Parking - Reserved parking lots are provided for green vehicles, thereby encouraging the use of such vehicles and carpools. Bicycle/Electric Bikes racks are also provided in the building to encourage occupants who stay within the vicinity to cycle rather than to drive to work.

Other Initiatives & Campaigns Undertaken​
  • Use of APU’s buses for free transport to and from student accommodation, the local LRT station and academic buildings through its APU Campus-Connect.
  • Promotion of car-pooling or ride-sharing with fellow staff members or classmates as a way to share fuel and toll costs and to relieve stress and frustration by promoting conversation during the journey to/from APU.
  • On-Campus Residence - Reduced Carbon footprint

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