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School of Postgraduate Studies

Our postgraduate programmes aim to stimulate interactions between academicians, students and the industry, where world-changing ideas can be formulated, and global discussions can take place within the campus. Our School of Postgraduate Studies houses a variety of facilities and spaces for you to learn, engage and interact.


The café-style setting promotes active interaction and discussions among students, while providing a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. The Lounge is equipped with a pantry where you can enjoy a casual discussion over coffee – this is how ideas are sparked!


Inspired by the “Think Tank” concept, the discussion zones allow students to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects and conduct presentations. At the Postgraduate level of study, group collaborations are essential to exchange knowledge and ideas, as well as to fulfill academic requirements.



The School of Postgraduate Studies houses a vast amount of collaborative spaces within the facility. You will have the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas with your classmates, your research teams as well as the members of our students community who come from over 130 countries.


Collaboration is the key – our School of Postgraduate Studies classrooms are also designed to promote a collaborative learning environment. The cluster-based seating arrangements allow students to communicate, collaborate, and engage actively during the academic sessions.