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‘Welcome Back to Campus’ By Graduate Student Council

Lucky Draw, Fun Conversations, and Fantastic Prizes: GSC's Epic Kick-Off Event!

Like phoenix from the ashes, the end of 2022 marked the rebirth and re-emergence of the Graduate Student Council (GSC).

Four members were elected by the postgraduate student body: Saadiyah Hosseny (Ph.D. in Technology) as President, Marusha Ahmed (Master of Science in Global Marketing Management) as Vice-President, Thomas Clark (Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence) as Secretary, and Karissa Noronha (Master of Science in International Business Communication) as Treasurer.

The GSC’s mission is to advocate postgraduate students’ interests to senior management and administration staff, as well as to boost their academic experience by hosting fun and engaging events.

From left to right: Saadiyah (President), Thomas (Secretary), Marusha (Vice-President), Karissa (Treasurer).

The GSC launched their year with a bang on 7th March 2023, by hosting their first event – Welcome Back to Campus. It was the perfect opportunity for postgraduate students to meet and greet each other while making new friends across different programmes. Staff members and programme leaders also graced the event with their presence, offering both guidance and encouragement to empower students to achieve their academic goals.

Prof. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman (Deputy Vice Chancellor & Director, Postgraduate and Continuing Education) kicks off the event with inspiring words, encouraging postgraduate students to make the most of their academic journey.

The event was a great success, attracting around 75 postgraduate students and staff members in the postgraduate lounge area of Block A, Level 3. The refreshments were a treat, and the conversations were lively, making it hard for anyone to leave.

To add some fun and suspense, the council also held a lucky draw session. The students' eyes sparkled with excitement as they waited for the results, hoping to win one of the three fantastic prizes: a Logitech wireless mouse, an RGB Bluetooth speaker, and JBL wireless earphones. Even the staff members couldn't help but wish they could join in on the fun!

Prof. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman lends a hand to the GSC by selecting a lucky draw winner.

Congratulations to our lucky winner, Peng Siew Chen (Master of Finance specialism in FinTech), who won an RGB Bluetooth Speaker in our lucky draw!

The GSC is grateful for the support and enthusiasm of all the participants and staff members who attended this event. If you have any questions or would like to know more about how you can get involved with the GSC, please email to gsc@apu.edu.my. They would love to hear from you!

A happy crowd of postgraduate students and staff members who joined us. Thank you for your support and enthusiasm!